Ibukun Manjano
Ibukun Manjano
Ibukun Manjano
Ibukun Manjano

Ibukun Manjano

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Are you looking to display some amazing African art in your house? This is your chance to show off a bright and colorful, typical African art-style on any wall of your house. 

This high-quality print will look spectacular and stand out, giving your house a cheerful and vibrant tone. The rounded shapes and bright tonalities of the color will give off those African vibes that you love so much. 

The painting is printed on a high quality, ultra resistent canvas made 100% from cotton. The frame is made from recycled plastic and the fabric is guaranteed to keep the quality of the image high even after a long time. 

The frame is designed to prevent deforming and you can rely on it to display this beautiful painting for years to come, and it comes in a neutral color to better show off the painting. 

The African lady portrayed in the picture will make a change in the atmosphere of your house, bringing color, joy and beauty.

Delight your guests with this marvelous African paninting now

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