Wanawake Wenye Kiburi
Wanawake Wenye Kiburi
Wanawake Wenye Kiburi
Wanawake Wenye Kiburi

Wanawake Wenye Kiburi

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We all have a wall in our home that is crying out for something unique, something colorful, something with style that we haven't had before. You can settle for the typical bland still life art, or you can put some fire in your belly with this gorgeous piece.

This African art is a bold and innovative statement, rich with texture and alive with blazing color that runs from the most shimmering of yellows and golds, down to the deep cool blues and crisp black accents that really make this piece pop with life not unlike a stained glass window. No matter the room you place it in, it'll quickly become a centerpiece guaranteed to elicit conversation and attention.The world of African art is rich in color, patterns, and culture. If you're a lover of worldly art, or you know someone that would treasure it as much as you, this will make a great present. Don't delay in ordering this. Pick up one or two today and share the experience with everyone you know.




.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Wooden frame
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use

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