About Us

Thank you for visiting RyanDasan.com. We are a veteran owned, small business, with affordable and good quality products. We specialize in African culture. The inspiration came from memories of walking into my grandmother’s home. It was always warm, inviting, and full of cultural African decor. In the memory of my grandmother, I would love to know a piece of her will live on through this store.

Here at RyanDasan.com we believe in Transparency, Integrity, and Honesty. Our top 3 core values will ensure that we take care of our customers the best we can at all times.

Mission: Inspiring a rebirth of African pride through artistry.

Vision: Reclaimed legacy through art.

Tagline: For the love of the culture.


Brand Story

Pause. Breathe. Remember…

If I close my eyes and sit quietly, the warm African sun can be felt on my skin. Love, light, and positivity radiate from everything it illuminates. Smells of moambe chicken and jollof rice waft through the air. As I recall my grandmother’s voice retelling countless stories of growing up in the Congo, splashes of color light up my mind and Mother Africa’s regal brilliance becomes all the more a part of my world. 

My grandma’s words had a way of taking me on journeys without ever leaving home. She told stories that took me to a place in time when melanated royalty and genuine artistry slow danced along the African Savannah to create a culture so rich in history and uniqueness that it continues to touch every corner of the globe. That same energy continues to influence all people groups from generation to generation. As African Americans, we often experience a sense of longing for the past we have never known; yet, we are so much more connected than we realize. 

From the fullness of our lips to the diversity of our complexions and the coil of our hair, we are that sun-kissed legacy. We are Africa’s offspring. We are art in motion. The Ryan Dasan Collection represents African women, like my grandmother, whose beauty and strength have contributed to humanity in undeniable ways. We are who we are because of who they were. Light up your life with reflections of heritage. Decorate your home with the vibrant tones and hues of Mother Africa. Connect to the core of your beginning, knowing that royalty is inherent to your DNA. Do it for the love of the culture...

Please take time to browse through our products. We look forward to your business. If you have any questions please email us at info@ryandasan.com.

Thank you,